Cutting Acts In The High-Rise Hub

i’ll get some of this cuban stuff brewed up in the masculinator now out of conscious choice – you are a lazy hopeless fanatic your bones will disappear like a ghost and leave your splattered torn skin behind in pussy mess –

what’s that thick gloop oozing from the pores? don’t slip or that’ll be it for your sorry ass – i’ve been expecting you and your men to come charging in with hardon hammers and rape-drills –

all sorts of body fluids filling the misty air like thick black holy smoke filling desolate tower office – sick flick lick click brick chick sog-rot tooth-less gob electric hob tea cup no milk rotten eggs food-less fridge dusty window frame lone plant dying silently nice view tho old hill cloud sky weary day rainy day dogs day – with my left arm down the back of her homeless pants past her week old crusty gusset taking them down one his invisible alleys and subjecting them to mindless mind rape – look at his insect eyes you can’t trust him just use him send him off get job done get the girl back make her proud then stab her in the neck the lying bitch – spasmodic contraction around the snakes cock as he chews on your severed head while shooting you off his bulge over to the other side of the soily yard with frustration power shriveled left over remanence of neanderthal brain teeth pointy like arabs cock and yellow-brown like the colour of the dogs old chew bone – you never know which dark sneak freak’s behind you – flabby tits and cocks swinging all about all over the place – struggling to reach the back of her more than likely diseased cunt while he sits talking shit and making her – he looks like one of those men from the bars that stand silent all night snakily sneaking drops of his sperm into young tarts drinks – if not then the head comes off and the thoughts come out – this cunt’s fucking crazy don’t even know if he knows what day it is he’s that coffee obsessed – how long you been living here for? them lot with the pointly bone noses of rodents of the shit-river slithering about in their body-skin-grease blades in within both hands skin-less heads with cracked skulls and actual cut the head off while hanging out back and bask ecstasy – i probed her saggy ass hole with my middle finger moo moo moving it through her thick addict slime to the eternal screams of a dying village as the numb mob ransack and burn and take and pillage and rape – don’t know if she’ll take much more of being treated like i’m innocent – another coffee whore in it for the buzz hum buzz – he was a grassy snake anyway – she held my cock while i took a piss – place is vomit rancid – see you soon – goodbye you horrible creature you got to clean up or they’ll catch you and slam you back in that ape cage and feed you ants and roaches and blow cock smoke in your face naked and tar and feather you and then make you cluck and flap about like a headless chicken as they gang rape your bleeding ears – good stuff good stuff not enough tho put the knife down and we’ll talk – leave the bastard for dead – so – what’s your name then? they usual pay complete dedicate attention attentive eager and sir-come – you live here alone then? the fucking carpet looks like you been having orgies on it and you look like shit you fool – if you slip them the right dose then they’ll listen up alright – leave their ears bleeding freely – flying like no choice johnny b. in his final fear moments like a bird – are you sure you trust this guy in your rusty gut? more like out west conchick of rat-town – don’t leave the coffee unguarded i’ll break his spineless back and suck his knowing out his hollow nose-mouth – the one that eats from the inside out so i sat twitching next to her on that sluggish old hospital ward blue sofa in that penthouse hovel – fuck the grieving mothers – couldn’t get it out first but got her in the end – we could work together but look at her teeth no way she’s swedish – DON’T TAKE HIS FUCKING BLASTING MOB JOB  BLISTERED NOB HAIRY CUNT TORN ASS DOG-SHIT! DARKer than the darkest shadow of the night coon-boy – see where he’s been hiding – boys AND girls – long as they’re mindlessers – blood splatters project to be at least as far a radius across the filthy steep cobble street of burning cock – nice and dark – off to discover the master plan – in for him own self – that dog looks painful the one that leads up to jimmi’s – how many times did they rape you? i might point out though understand that i’m here not for long these days is the fuck bus on it’s way? i’ve been working on my method methodically how many times have i told you in that soggy alley downstairs – so how you know charlie then pal? where you find this scabby pale rotten crack-slag?! – take me to your leader-king give that delinquent a call! – more coffee please boss-sir man their thoughts are listening do you know it’s got the disease? big mess on the stale floor – i like you honest i do —- fuck that!

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