GRAND MAL by Jonny White

ID01 : GRAND MAL – by Jonny White [Novel]


We present to you as our first publication:
‘GRAND MAL’ – the debut novel by Jonny White.
This first edition is limited to 100 hand numbered copies.
Each copy comes with a free limited edition Indifference postcard.

This publication is also available
in Melbourne from :
POLYESTER BOOKS (330 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy)
and EXIT STRATEGY STUDIOS (20 Ovens Street, Brunswick)

and in Perth from :
OXFORD ST BOOKS (119 Oxford Street, Leederville)
or direct from NEIL J. PATTINSON at PERTH POETRY CLUB (every Saturday 2pm-4pm at The Moon Cafe on William Street, Northbridge) or any other poetry events and readings that he might be loitering in the corner of …


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Product Description

Jon was an inquisitive, virile, and at his reckless core, easily influenced young man in a new city with new unsupervised freedom. Following the path that fate would have unfold before him cautiously yet carelessly headfirst into a seemingly exciting, but ultimately dangerous and ridiculous way of life, he would eventually find himself locked into a desperate situation that would bring him closer to real disaster than he’d ever been.

Beginning at some thick, stressful moment in the middle of it all, flashback scenes, dreams and memories fall together and apart to form the story of a period of his life that sees him ignore the direction of higher educational study he originally pushed himself to this city for and delve into a dark but embraced existence laced with drugs, clubs, money, greed, sex and parties – all in the company of the sort of random, unsuitable and undesirable characters that come in toll. An existence, part of his existence, that ends up fraught with unpredictable levels of love, loss, heartbreak, desperation, paranoia, guilt, fear, insanity and painful but necessary growth. The part of his existence that would become the one lesson in life he would need to line him up for the rest of his own with a calm reflective awareness of what he and it and the people within it are capable of.

Disaster does come, but Jon fatefully scrapes by technically unscathed as Rusty, his tragic new less-to-lose best friend and part-time partner in crime – whom he has slowly grown to view as his brother through the duration of their intense, aptly sibling like love hate relationship – bears the brunt of the extreme real potential downside to the life they lead at the hands of some slack mouthed teenagers, leaving Jon to carry on alone and affected to try and make the most of what has been lost and what is left best he can.

Eventually, as natural effect of forced change and adaption, things shift. Suddenly Jon finds his time, energy and attention being sucked wilfully in different directions, to different places, with the help of a couple of old friends and a couple new. He begins to truly realise that the way he had been allowing himself to be dragged was not his – he was meant for more. After a potentially tarnishing loss of friendship and love, a new inspiration is found. A new inspiration finds him, and under its guidance his guilty loyalty to a city that was never his subsides, his sense of belonging evaporates, and in their place comes an impulsive and instinctive desire to live again, be born again.

By the time Rusty is back in the picture, Jon has left, moved on to chase a new, real dream, grateful for having gone through what fate had him go through in order to grow and live on into the world with an intrinsic understanding of what really matters – and not looking back.


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