From Grand Mal by Jonny White

ID01 / GRAND Mal by Jonny WhiteFor a moment there I thought I was somewhere else – somewhere in the long gone put behind past or the far off distant or maybe not so distant future. I don’t know – now that I’ve started thinking about it I’ve forgotten – I must remember to write these things down. As they happen I mean – obviously. Can’t quite place it… My head is in a pillow – not my own – do I even have ‘my own’ pillow any more? Where am I anyway? If I can’t even remember that, how am I going to remember when I have to leave? Or if I’m even supposed to be leaving at all? I don’t know. Who cares – it’s all too much… I’ll just close my eyes, take it easy, drift off into that other world, lie here in my sweltering solitude and remember my dream – recollect my nightmare… Drift back into it…

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Cutting Acts In The High-Rise Hub


i’ll get some of this cuban stuff brewed up in the masculinator now out of conscious choice – you are a lazy hopeless fanatic your bones will disappear like a ghost and leave your splattered torn skin behind in pussy mess –

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